L & J Trike Engineering Corp.

We not only ride trikes, we build them

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 Something new or  something old

This website is to help people out, to raise money, or to sell their trikes, or bikes, to up grade to the next level.

To add your trike or bike or what ever, to meet your dreams:

e-mail : johnlthorp@msn.com with pictures (jpg.)


Triking is a new experence for someone

that has never traveled the road free on three.


The following items are for Sale:

Triker's Breakfast on Three

Get Out your Favorite Pan

Place on med-high, put 4 tablespoons of your favorite olive oil in the pan

Chop-up one whole onion (Red, White, or what have you )

Smash a garlic clove or two

Place the onions and garlic in Pan to saute' till soft

Add one cuo of potato hash browns

Simmer till cooked

In another pan cook some breakfast links slowly

Take six eggs and add 1/8 cup of milk, and a dash or two of hot sause

mix well and pour mixture over potato hash browns and garlic

Simmer for a while.

Cut mixture in half

Place three breakfast links and three slices of your favorite cheese

fold each half in two

Simmer for a while, till cheese melts

Polish the chrome on your trike

Flip each half over

Service with toast, Coffee,Hot-sause, or guacamole


If you have a trikers meal you want put on the world wide website.

Send your stuff to:


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