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New VW Trikes II

New VW Trike

This trike is all custom tube bent frame incorporating link rear suspension with duel coil over shocks. The engine is a custom build using a after market case with external oil cooler mounted under the engine. The engine has 90.5 Pistons and 110 Cam, Balanced Crank, Ported Heads carrying duel ICT Carburetors, topped off with Forced Air Induction with Custom Exhaust. 4 Speed Trans-axle is Shifted using a formula V Shifter. Fuel Capacity: 5 US Gallons

90.5 mm pistons 1776 cc 10th deck w110 cam dyno was at 135 hp  with what it weighs it is150 + foot lb of torque

The fan shroud is bt design using 16 gauge steel with custm made fins inside optimizing great cooling and stands only 11 inches high, with the hat permanentally mounted to the shroud it contains the wiring plug-ins, coil, and voltage regulator clean and dry.. Total height  is only 1 inch taller than the stock vw shroud

Runs Great, Drives Great, Very Fast and stable. Good Sound Trike has 600 Miles on to insuring that it is good. You pick-up or arrange shipping. You Title, it is not titled so you can do so in your name and the way you need it in your state. Call WQS 219-210-9321

$ 8,000.00 =} OBO