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The Price of a Trike

Posted by mrjustjohn on January 28, 2008 at 7:27 PM

I was on my second pot of coffee, when he telephone rang. It was a young soon-to-be-triker, that had some honest questions about trikes and buying his first trike. The caller stated "the price of trikes are so different, how do I know if I am getting a good trike." I had to think about that, as I made a new pot of coffee. Not to take away from the builder's craftmenship, or design, I said that diffrent trikes have different prices. Some trikes are built in a company by employees, and that can increase the cost of the trike. Some builders build trikes one at a time, as a labor of love. The trike will be just as good as a company trike that is built. I told the caller, "that the first thing is to find a trike you really like.", after that look at trikes that are simular and check prices.

Today, the price of gas, insurance, house payments, living expenses, can prevent a new triker from buying a trike at high prices. 10 years ago, same trike cost a lot less, nothing has changed but the cost of doing business has gone up. Pricing can make or break a company, if the customers can't afford the trikes, there is no new riders.



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2:15 PM on March 18, 2009 
I build custom vehicles and when somone is "pressing me on price" I tell them for EXAMPLE; this car i built has a 460cid engine it weighs 2100 lbs and will make most people cry is you put the gas all the way to the floor... This is a one of a kind vehicle! I built this by hand and made it durable so my kids will be safe riding in it ! ! ! I am asking $9,000.... A new Cobalt is $15,000 and sucks... A new Charger is $25,000-38,000 and has about 1/2 the hp..... THIS IS HOW I SELL MY STUFF COMPARE TO SOMTHING NEW AT THE SAME PRICE, EXPLAIN IT'S SHORT COMMINGS. EXPLAIN YOUR PRODUCTS QUALITY. YOU BUILD THINGS BETTER FOR YOUR SELF THAN IF YOUR GETTING PAID BY THE HOUR! ! ! THEN COMPAIR YOUR PRODUCT TO SOMTHING WITH THE SAME PERFORMANCE OR QUALITY.... 90% OF THE TIME THIS WILL SEAL THE DEAL... SORY ABOUT RAMBLING ON, I HOPE THIS HELPS PEOPLE SELLING THEIR HOME-BUILT VEHICLES.
Reply John Reynolds
10:45 PM on July 17, 2009 
My Lehman Tramp is for sale $16,500. 1,000 miles. Email me with any interest JNRIII@msn.com Thank you.
Reply Google sketchup
11:05 AM on January 2, 2011 
Love this blog. I¡¯ll be bookmarking this one. Thanks!
Reply Nick
10:41 AM on May 22, 2011 
From the pics I've seen , most of you guys seem like you arent handicapped. So, why would you rather ride a wheelchair instead of a real motorcycle. Are you balance challenged?
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