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We feel that using professional designs on business and good sprits of customer service, with an established customer service department. Acting as an international trike consultation and intelligence services on demand by extending our insight to our customers makes for a better customer partner. We are working intensely for the buyers being the biggest winners in this worldwide trike market by building up good cooperation with manufactures and marketing companies. Our sales force, with our on demand solutions, analysis, data collection always ready to help our customers make their dreams come true. As with any company, "Customers", are your number one asset. L & J Trike Engineering is dedicated to helping our customers and catering to their needs, resulting in availability of many new products, parts, and services reflective to those requests.

Our Mission is to help people explore and enjoy the world of triking and to be there when someone needs us.

Build a rear end for a motorcycle

I will try to walk you through building a workable two wheel rear end, for a motorcycle. The best way is, to BUY one already made for your motorcycle, but sometimes the cost is out of range for your project. Another important factor is safety and performance of your motorcycle. You as a rider, will be hard to replace, but motorcycles are everywhere, so you want to build a safe ride.

Type 1 Two wheel rear end for a shaft drive.



Type 2 Two wheel rear end for a chain drive.


Type 3

Can be ordered with belt or chain.


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 EPA is required for any

motorcycle / Trikes  over 50 cc

made after 2007.

The following information can

be found on the




" New Manufacture Registration"

 section, down load the electronic

( Manufacture Code Entry Form )

complete it and e-mail it to:

 omscfeis@epa.gov .

This is for the engine epa requirements.

For more information:


Notes about units of measurement

Engine capacity/displacement

  • 1 Liter = 1,000 cubic centimeters = 61.0237 cubic inches

Engine output

  • 1 hoursepower (hp) = 1 brake hp (bph) = 1.0139 meteric hp (PS) = 0.7457 kilowatts (kw)

Mid-engine transaxle set up



Rear Suspension

My choice on rear suspension  

is the independant, like the IRS,

But a little more adjustable and 

weight saving but tuff.

Remember this is only my

choice of suspension.

There is a lot more

engineering in this than meets the eye. 

If you are not going to build it right

don't do it, as this is a big safety item.



You find that this will give you a smooth ride,

and good handling.

Below are some drawings to explain the general lay out.






  I hope this answers one of your questions.











Weber Carbs.

My choice for a easy performance

and easy maintenance is with 

the Weber Carb set-up.

For your duel Port VW,

one on each side (a pair ofWebers).

What goes in the motor comes out,

and you want to put the best

air / fuel mixture you can

and you want to get

the best out of your VW motor

you can.


The " 48" duel weber is what I use on my trike. I get good responce

and good fuel mileage. Put your money where your motor is. It will

make a differnce in any VW duel port no matter what the cc's are.






V8 Carbs

My choice for V8 is a weber set-up






Front End (Rake)

There are questions about Rake: Below is what a correct rake should look like.












Interesting Motor for a trike

This motor is different,

there is very little vibs comming off of it

and it already has been used in

a HD in South Dakota special build.

Bolt this to your VW Trike-( Could happen)




You can get a seven or nine banger

Already used on a motor cycle

ofcourse seven or nine exhaust pipes.


Just John




Top !0 Reasons to Ride a Trike

Number 10

When I ride a Trike I feel young again ?

Number 9

I like it when people see me riding around Town

and say "hey. Look at that Trike"

Number 8

My Trike doesn't fall over when I park it.

Number 7

I know that my Lady won't fall off the back when I Gun It.

Number 6

Knowing your neighbor still rides a two wheeler.

Number 5

Not having to worry  if you get caught in the rain

Number 4

Having not to lean into the wind when riding

Number 3

You'll never have to put your feet down at a stop sign

Number 2

You can pull a pop-up trailer big enough to get into

Number 1

Makes you Free-on-three